Contact Us

Want to get in touch? You’ve got a few options.

Getting a hold of us:

For questions/comments/concerns, send an email to team AT this website’s domain name. You can also reach out to us at @CordilonGaming on Twitter. If you have someone here you’d like to get in direct private contact with, send an email to the team email with who you want to get into contact with and why – chances are you’ll get a direct email back.

Or, register a forums account (link is at the top of the site) and post there. We check regularly, and the forums could always use more love.

Developers, indie and otherwise: Want some promotion? Read on:

We love helping developers out. If you would like us to spread the word about your project, send us an email to team AT this website’s domain name with information about the game and where we can find media to help promote it. Whatever you can give us, we can work with, and we’d be more than happy to help in whatever way you want (stream, video, blog post, etc.)

We’d also enjoy doing reviews/first impressions of your games. Feel free to contact us at the same email address about what you’ve got and we’ll get right on it.