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Cordilon Gaming 2.0: You Can (Not) Relaunch

Meta Post

Hello! A few years ago, we decided we’d give blogging about games and updates in the games industry a try. It didn’t go nearly as well as we had hoped. But now we’re tackling a different medium with slightly more (albeit still a low double-digit amount of) success: streaming. To try to boost what content we have and what we’re planning on doing, we’ve decided to relaunch the blog as the new Cordilon Gaming website.

Unfortunately we’ve lost most of the content from before the break. I’m working on restoring some of our old reviews, but due to my terrible habit of not taking regular redundant backups, it’s slow going. The restored content will be made accessible in the archives.

If you’ve made it here completely by accident and don’t know what you’ve wandered into, welcome! We’re a couple of folks on the internet who like video games and friendly communities on the ‘net. That’s how we met each other and that’s the kind of environment we like to foster. We want to do this by creating interesting and entertaining content on Twitch, YouTube, and on this here website, and by letting the community take part as well. We’re always open to suggestions for streams, videos, and posts. Join us on Twitch every Saturday night for our ongoing Retro Saturdays series, and throughout the week for other, less organized streams.

This is a strange and exciting new world for us. We hope you enjoy what we do.