About Us

You may be wondering what this place is, and who the people behind it are.

Cordilon Gaming is a blog, a YouTube channel, and a Twitch channel. Our goal is to deliver reviews that are honest and informative and visual content that doesn’t suck. We love the kinds of games that aren’t covered often by big sources, including indie games, mods, games from eras gone by, and sometimes even higher-budget games that aren’t often seen in the media (or may be, depending on what we’ve been playing a lot of recently.) Here at Cordilon Gaming we have respect for all sorts of games, especially those that may not be attractive to those who are used to the mainstream, AAA blockbusters that dominate today’s video game market.

The Cordilon Gaming Staff

Also, a note on our review format. We don’t use scores; there’s too many arguments about whether a 7 is average or good and other such things, and on top of that a score doesn’t really mean much. Instead, we go into detail about the styles, aesthetics, and mechanics of the game and how well they work both as separate ideas and as a cohesive unit, and let you decide for yourself if that sounds interesting.

Developers, indie and otherwise: Want some promotion? Read on:

We love helping developers out. If you would like us to spread the word about your project, send us an email to team AT this website’s domain name with information about the game and where we can find media to help promote it. Whatever you can give us, we can work with, and we’d be more than happy to help in whatever way you want (stream, video, blog post, etc.)